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audiobook narrators - bringing words to life in full color

by peter markovic

one of the most integral components to a successful audio book is the narrator, or reader. much like an actor in a feature film, the reader is responsible for bringing the words of the storybook to life so the listener cannot only hear the story but see it in their mind as well.

a successful narrator is much more than just a pleasant voice. the basic skills needed of a narrator include the ability to combine natural communicative skills with the eloquence of emotional sensitivity. the meanings of words need to be clearly perpetuated in the context of their intention regarding the text at hand. it is also vitally important that proper and accurate pronunciations of both native and foreign words are delivered without pause.

the narrator must maintain smooth, transitional balance and flow so that every chapter remains consistent with the desired imagery and feeling being displayed in each scene. narration is genuinely received as an art form, as the narrator holds the unique ability to take the listener on a trip through the pages of the book. narrators are responsible for successfully conveying the character's emotions by using vocal tools such as pitch and tone. good narrators always effectively maintain rhythm and stamina delivering a consistent message or feeling to the listeners mind. it is their job to keep the listener interested in the book.

as you listen to an audio book you will notice much emphasis is placed on the intonations and rhythmic aspects of the language. the reader uses this to further develop the sensory perception. narrators must maintain a dynamic voice range throughout their reading, which can, and should, naturally fluctuate to indicate an emotional stance or feeling such as a frown, smile, or shrug. even a hug can be represented by sound. this needs to be done without breaking the natural rhythm of the narration. the listener needs to be able to hear the text and draw a picture in their mind based on the delivery methods of the narrator.

audio book narration is not as simple as just reading a script. usually the material is pre-read so that a complete script analysis can be given. the next step is deciding which style of voice will best represent the characters intended personality. additionally, the script is screened for scenes where special accents or emphasis will be needed to properly convey the mood behind the manuscript.

the production team to record audio books typically consists of a narrator, sound monitor and a reviewer. they are done in a specially designed sound recording studio. it can take around 5 hours to complete one hour of voice recording. since the audience strictly depends on the narrator to offer the mood, it is a difficult procedure to perfect.

actor and performer jim dale is best known for his masterful narrations of the harry potter audio books. he completed all seven books in the series which have to date become among the largest audiobook sellers in history

jim typifies all the skills and attributes required for the job as a narrator of the highest order. he brings life, emotion and color to the narrative, which is particularly important for children´┐Żs stories. motivated by the reward of appreciation from his fans, he takes pride and basks in the joy of entertaining children by bringing stories to life and endearing children to literature.

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