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aspirin and elephants

"aspirin and elephants"      director jim dale          fairleigh dickinson university, new jersey

reviewer    larry s. ledford         the sun bulletin
"actor jim dale has made a very successful debut as director jim dale. not only is he a director with pinpoint accuracy in the comedy department, but he has the ability to choreograph overlapping scenes in a cinematic montage that is flawless, and demonstrates a unique sensitivity to the pathos that underlies the humor in this bitter sweet examination of marriage."

reviewer  daphne kraft    herald and news
"a rib-tickling comedy marks the debut of broadway talent jim dale as "aspirin and elephants" opens at the american stage co. dale, a noted theater talent, has fine-tuned jerry mayer's comedy, and his knowledgeable guidance has fleshed out it's parts in a drama that sported a california run before coming east."