Scrap Book


Ever growing memorabilia. 
As fans send in photos, snap-shots and articles of Jim, we will print them on this page in progress. 

Jim married Julie in 1980.  
"It was after the opening of the Broadway musical 'Barnum', and life with Jim has been a circus ever since!"



Jim's three sons

 Murray and Toby 
Cover of their first C.D. 
for Elton John's Rocket Records

Murray now runs a 
Film/TV Set-design company in London

Toby is now a delicious actor in England

Adam, right, winner of the  
Golden Arrow Award 
"Best Aerial Cine-Photographer"
Has also shot the Harry Potter films


Lovely daughter Belinda with son-in-law Gary


Jim before fly zippers

Through the years



 Dairy Herd Fan Club                    With Spike Milligan in "Adolph"
Jim in the middle in "Digby"

Judy Jones in "Rogues Gallery" ATV

"Joe Egg" with Stockard Channing 

Very young Jim and Dany Claire in 
a zany "Lunchtime Show" series on STV '62

               Relaxing in "Carry On Cleo"

Guitar Days in the Royal Air Force
Celle, Germany 1954

"Six Five Special" BBC TV


Much more to be included later.



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