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"the architect and the emperor of assyria"      1972   directed by victor garcia       old vic, london

reviewer milton shulman, evening standard
"jim dale and anthony hopkins provided with an actor's dream - the stage to themselves and opportunities to indulge in a frenzy of mimicry, make-up and uninhibited emotion  - give lusty, acrobatic and enthusiastic impetus to this  avant garde theatrical statement."

david gillard, daily sketch
"an ear piercing nuclear explosion and a crucifixion on a fork lift truck are just two of the electrifying moments in this production. there is no set, only a bare stage and a dazzling battery of spotlights that blaze and move in on just two characters. anthony hopkins sounding like a young richard burton is the emperor, and jim dale proves again what a talented actor he is, is the architect. both are marvelous."

reviewer peter lewis,  daily mail
"the production is staged as powerfully as an air-raid. banks of moving searchlights assault the almost naked bodies of anthony hopkins and jim dale, whose sheer endurance in two terrifying parts is phenomenal."