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"a midsummer night's dream"    1967  directed by frank dunlop     assembly hall, edinburgh festival, scotland

reviewer  ronald brydon   the observer 
"tonight proved the emergence of a major comic star in jim dale's performance as bottom.  even more than in last year's 'a winter's tale' he carried the evening, leaping about the stage with tireless energy, transposing the elizabethan humor of his lines into contemporary terms with marvelous immediacy."

reviewer   nick hart-williams  
"jim dale is a master of timing, he has to be, so numerous are his idiosyncrasies. jim (wearing a leather motorcycle jacket with pop buttons on it) hams up the part of bottom to a degree unlikely to be equaled - and gets superbly away with it."

saville theatre, london
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"jim dale as bottom and bernard bresslaw as quince come off brilliantly. it's no great compliment to say that i have never known them funnier: but i mean much more than that. they bring us original comic creations of the highest order."