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"a winter's tale"     1966   cambridge theatre, london

reporter  alastair stewart     edinburgh press
"this 'tale' will probably be remembered as the show that turned a pop singer into a shakespearean clown. jim dale's performance as autolycus, a mischievous rogue of nimble and remarkable polish, is doubtless one of the reasons the demand for this exceedingly polished presentation was such that an extra matinee had to be fitted in to meet it."

reviewer  b.e.young   the financial times
"even if he was a pop star, jim is the best autolycus i have ever seen!"

reviewer   anthony seymour  yorkshire post
"it was jim dale who brought the show alive with one of those farcical roles shakespeare delighted in. i have only seen mr. dale in modern comedies before. clearly he has much greater gifts."

reviewer  nina hibbin   morning star
"but the whole of the second half is dominated by the best bit of pop casting in the show. versatile jim dale uses all his diverse talents, mimicry, movement, mime and song - to build up a brilliant portrayal of the sly peddler,  autolycus."