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"the good-natured man"    1972    directed by john dexter     old vic, london

reviewer  herbert kretzmer 
"if the national theatre's newest production survives at all it will be because of jim dale and bill fraser. it is ironic that an ex pop singer and tv's immortal "snudge" should turn out to be the saviors of a play in what, after all, is supposed to be the home of all that is most elevated in the british drama. but it is precisely the broad comedy strokes of fraser and dale that whip some much needed vigor into oliver goldsmith's moribund comedy of manners. jim, as a perfumed eighteenth century impostor, and bill as a compulsive grumbler lift the play off the floor."

reviewer  derek mahon   the listener
"jim dale an bill fraser are the highlights of an extremely fine cast. jim dale especially, his appearance and deportment carefully modeled on those of a rowlandson con-man, his fussy, ingratiating manner suggestive of lap dogs and grateful dowagers, has created a coherent and riveting period character."