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"the card"      1973   directed by val may        queens theatre, london

reviewer    harold hobson         london
"the leading man is jim dale, and in my view he is simply marvelous. i cannot remember ever having seen a performance so electrical, so exciting, so full of good humor, high spirits, and inspiration in a musical as mr. dale gives in "the card." he radiates happiness. his eager smile is an overwhelming invitation to untrammeled joy. every movement he makes appears to be spontaneous, yet it is of an accuracy to take away the breath. he brings back to us the morning of the world, flooded with the sunshine of innocence."

review   the stage usa
"the card" has one of the most exhilarating lead performances in years in jim dale's title role, and that may be a major boon. it would be hard to match the performance of this versatile actor (better known here so far for straight roles) for nimbleness, charm, timing, ability and sheer energy."

reviewer  wally horwood    crescendo
"although the production abounds in talent, chief honors must go to jim dale. on stage during most of the performance, he brings a never-fading serio-comic brilliance to everything he does."