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"the taming of the shrew"    1972   directed by frank dunlop          the young vic, london

reviewer   robert cushman        plays and players
"jim dale's petruchio is no roaring boy; forswearing his own brand of comic rhetoric he emerges as an unexpectedly quietist performer but possessed with a level of intensity that makes his victory as secure as would any amount of whip-cracking. part of the performance derives of course from the mere fact that it is mr. dale who is giving it."

reviewer     simon koster
"jim dale was a phenomenal petruchio, as quick of movement as of tongue and radiating a catching humor."

reviewer    p.w.b.           the stage
"humor in thick bold strokes is the essence, the keynote of this "shrew". and how could it be otherwise with jim dale's petruchio, a bantam-weight, but spry and sprightly, with a very deft touch and mocking air and ably extracting all the fun from the part. his isn't a gutsy, roaring petruchio, more of a jolly machiavelli, cunning and plotting his taming, and in such a way as to get the most laughs from it."