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"the comedians"   1977    director edward perone           mark taper forum, l.a.

reviewer       frederick ross         drama logue
"a world-class performance by jim dale"   "dale with his formidable acting intelligence and expressive dancer's body, makes his turn a searing, disturbing tour de force."

reviewer   ray loynd        l.a. herald examiner 
"the club acts, in the veritable comedy act of the three act play, run from commercial banality to high if unrefined art. and it is actor jim dale's garishly physical, socially assaulting semi-mime and wholly private, demon-fed performance of a talent so individual and brilliantly frightening that he scares agents and others away that momentarily bedazzles this otherwise ensemble production"

reviewer   patricia burr        south pasadena review
"jim dale's galvanic stage presence as the most gifted of the students gethin price, reaches it's climax in the second act where he carries water's call for truth too far in an effort to express his hatred for the privileged class. his "comedy" act begins humorously, ends violently, and is throughout brilliant."

reviewer     karl wray           anaheim bulletin
"the most startling portrayal in "comedians" is that of jim dale, one of the comedy aspirants. his stand-up act, which lasted about ten minutes, played in grotesque clown makeup, was actually an attack on the so-called privileged class. he did not go for laughs. instead his bit was an absurdly slanted assault which repelled, rather than convinced his audience. however, his weird dialogue, his amazing athletic body, his facial expressions held the audience spell bound. his portrayal in all of "comedians" was almost equally astounding."