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"music man"      1984         directed by john sharpe                 muny opera house, st. louis  

reviewer    brenda murphy       globe-democrat
"with the first appearance of jim dale as fast-talking salesman 'professor' harold hill, there was no doubt that the crowd of 8,333 was in for a treat." 

reviewer       joe pollack               st. louis post                 
"jim dale, a truly marvelous song-and-dance man, was a dazzling prof. harold hill. the part does insist that he move - and that's where dale's performance is most thrilling. he moves with style and grace, slinking almost like groucho on one occasion, strutting like a drum major on another. he dominates the stage and leads the ensemble in some superior work. as a con man he's ultimately devious, always earnest and believable, and if he takes a liking to, say, the arch, we'd better watch out or he'll talk someone into gift-wrapping it for him."