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"the taming of the shrew"    1973   directed by frank dunlop   b.a.m., new york

reviewer   douglas watt    new york
"as petruchio, jim dale, is the equal of any in memory. dashing, athletic, confident and altogether winning, the trim dale not only looks the part but acts it superbly. a poised performer, he gives the impression of being capable of bringing zest and authority to a wide variety of shakespearean roles."

reviewer   clive barnes  new york times
"the action is often dominated by what might be called an outrage of clowns, but the neatest and coolest performance is given by mr. dale as the unusually open-hearted and sincere petruchio. there is a radiance to his personality that is charming, and his comic timing, his freedom with the audience, and his confidence in his presence, are totally disarming."