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privates on parade    1989   directed by larry carpenter    roundabout theatre, new york

reviewer laurie winer  theater
"given a vital actor like jim dale, a meaty, funny, heart rending role of terri dennis and an audience will know instantly that it is experiencing theater - in the best and most magical sense of the word. for however long we've been dutifully going to the theater, hoping and hoping (and failing) to see the real thing, we recognize it at once when it appears. for mr. dale 'privates on parade' is an acting coup......" 

reviewer clive barnes, new york post  
"jim dale as noel coward? well, why not? but jim dale as vera lynn, marlene dietrich and even carmen miranda? does that stretch the imagination? if it does, then your curiosity can be amply assuaged at the roundabout theater, where last night privates on parade had it's first official new york role call. dale was coruscating........"

reviewer mel gussow   new york times

"with his gymnastic wit and droll body, jim dale places his signature on whatever character he chooses to play, as he demonstrated anew in privates on parade which opened last night. 
in the comedy, he plays acting captain terri dennis, a vaudevillian who specializes in female impersonations. it is an exceedingly flamboyant role that benefits from mr. dale's bold brand of clowning. as an actor he is not satisfied with anything halfhearted. cast grandly against type, he dives into the character, putting on feminine airs and costumes and transforming himself into a preening powder-puff of a song and dance man........."

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