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"the invisible man"      directed by frank dunlop          playhouse theatre, cleveland

reviewer    benjamin gleissar             cleveland life 
"in terms of
  spectacle and creative staging, "the invisible man" is one of the best productions the playhouse has ever mounted. credit jim dale, who shines as thomas marvel, the vaudevillian narrator of this witty play-within-a-play. the rubber faced dale tosses off clever jokes and bad puns, and always gets his laugh as he tells the story of the spooky goings on."

reviewer       keith a. joseph              scene
"the show is coated and held together by the savvy charm of jim dale's old-time music-hall trouper. he is the british equivalent of sid caesar or a ray bolger, an athletic clown who makes singing, dancing and twinkling seem effortless. he insinuates himself into the audience's confidence with a mere wink and a knowing leer. give him a lame wise crack (ladies  or  gentlemen, you know what you are) and he will turn it into a sparkling skyrocket."

reviewer    david ritchy        west side leader
"jim dale plays mr. marvel, the leading role in the show. dale is spectacular. he moves with an economy of movement that is truly meaningful, with every movement telling a story and being necessary to advance the plot. dale has fun being on the stage. he plays with the audience, the cast and the story. he's a dream actor."